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There's only one #1 Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller dedicated to the subject of business acumen – we wrote it. Called an MBA in under 180 pages, Seeing the Big Picture captures the basic principles of our customized business acumen training.

Business acumen is essential.

The most successful business leaders are savvy businesspeople first and experts in their field second. All companies are driven to success or failure by the same five simple drivers: cash, profit, assets, growth, and people.


Kevin Cope will help you balance these drivers and contribute to the big picture of your organization's success. 

01  See the "big picture" of your organization — how the key drivers of your business relate to each other, work together to produce profitable growth, and relate to eh job you do each day

02  Understand important company communications and data, including financial statements

03  Use your knowledge to make good decisions

04  Understand how your actions and decisions impact key company measures and the objectives of your company's leadership

05  Help you more effectively communicate your idea to other employees, managers, and executives

business acumen

Seeing the Big Picture is now an online course


Take the concepts of our New York Times bestseller, and apply them to your life with our online learning.

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A customized business acumen course to help your employees make faster and better business decisions.

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