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Build Your Business Acumen

A customized business acumen course to help your employees make faster and better business decisions for you.

What is a lack of business acumen costing you?

Can every team member explain your company's money-making process — and in such a way that engages employees? If not, you’re losing money. How many decisions are made too quickly or not quick enough? How many of your team members don’t understand what your CEO talked about in the last earnings call? Not understanding business is costing you business.

Business Acumen Training

What will you learn?

Know and understand what measures are important to executives.

Understand the 5 Business Drivers all successful companies must focus on.

Have a better understanding of companies' financial statements.

Become a better communicator of company strategy and performance.

Create an action plan detailing how you will positively impact company results.

business acumen training
business acumen training financial
business acumen training action plan
Custom business acumen training
Professional business acumen training
business acumen training

 Ultimate Custom Experience ​

 Standout Facilitator ​

 A Process. Not Event. 

 No Lectures. No Games. No Sims. 

I attended the class with the hopes of learning about our business generically. What I received is how our products, culture, communication, and business impacts our strategy on a micro and macro level. I endorse the class so much that I think it should be mandatory for all associates. 

Big Five Health Insurance Company

I love this course! As a new GM it was invaluable. I feel equipped, empowered, and confident. I was thrilled about how much I knew, but now in a more in depth manner. A must for all new GM's! Jeff was an amazing leader! 

Global Beauty Supplier

One of my favorite sessions. I love how you combined your knowledge and our participation to hammer home your message. I am better prepared to demonstrate business acumen as a competency as a result. You made it fun and informative. Thank you!

ATD International Conference and Exposition

 I came into the course skeptical but “required” to attend. Finance is not something I really enjoy or feel competent about. However, this was the best and most relevant training I have received in a decade. We covered a lot of ground and I have a lot more to learn, but this course created a desire to learn more about our business and how I can better contribute to our success. 

Multinational Food Services & Facilities Management Company

business acumen training

Book Resources​

Access reader resources referenced in Seeing the Big Picture 

Live Classroom Experience

A customized business acumen course to help your employees make faster and better business decisions.

Online Training

An instructor-led, customizable virtual experience to build yours or your company's business acumen.

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